Spirituality vs Science….

So when we talk about spirituality we come across various thoughts that what is spirituality mainly means spirituality something which is something different in its approach when we talk about the spirituality we generally relate our science with our Beliefs and hypothesis.

If someone ask that how we can relate spirituality and Science?
So answering that will be quite agreeable for us.
The basis of the human life is truth truth is something which can never be denied so accepting truth is knowledge and using the knowledge is science.
So when we deal with Truth we mainly say that that thing will happen definitely and Discovery Will Go On.
Now for relating science with truth we Generally have to put command on our brains we hav studied about meditation what is that it can be clear cut example of relating spirituality with science when we meditate we are really dealing with science but our backbone is spirituality the concentration power built by spirituality accelerates the neurone And The Nervous System which in turn is referred to as science everything in the universe has a genuine truth which can be known may be called as science like moment of electron about nucleus is is known truth…..

In our present day our history remindes us about great gifts of spirituality such as the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi system today is based on spirituality principle that how sages and Saints used communicate in older times.

The discovery of aeroplane has been made around 5200 years ago in Treta Yug in form of Pushpak Viman so that’s the principal we got used in aeroplanes and jet planes.

The one becomes human after he crossed all the stages of life so he is the only one to have his rule on other organisms. Supposed at a cow has been tied around the tree and snake approaches towords so what will be the reaction of cow, she will definitely jump Hazel and become frightened . so how we can say that the cow knows that snake has poison and if he bites her she will die something. definitely is there which reminds the cow about the danger of snake that we can say the spirituality which guides the one in their difficult way and be the part of the subconscious brain.

The great gift of spirituality to human science is Bhagavad Gita it is that book which everyone should refer as the basis of their life .the book contains Such spirituality level which was Defined by Lord Krishna many years ago the book has got all the questions which human brain can think about itself, its surrounding, its family, Universe etc.

In recent researches it has been notice that science has never denied spirituality but not also accepted it the reason is that denying spirituality will move it away from its path but accepting it will change its path.
There is a famous quote”if you try to be the best you will be number one but if you try to be the unique you will the only one”

So it concludes that science try to be the best so it is number one in field of study but spirituality try to be the unique so it is only one by this one can never deny spirituality and may consider it as the basis of life which will accelerate the growth towards success.
I never say to deny science but I always say to keep a percent of spirituality with oneself….

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