Relation between Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields

Brief visualisation Try to imagine a vertical long wire carrying current in which charges move with a certain velocity say v which is kept parallel to an observer standing on the ground say O1. There is no electric field, but there is a magnetic field which exerts a force on the charge and therefore the charge…

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The true, extensive, ingenious, fundamental, and top-down unification and balancing of Electromagnetism/Energy and gravity

The sun and photons are linked AND balanced. Gravity AND ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy are linked AND balanced, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Therefore, gravitational force/energy is proportional to (or balanced with/as) inertia/inertial resistance; as this balances and unifies ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy AND gravity; as this balances gravity and inertia. (This explains F=ma AND E=mc2.) Accordingly, gravity/acceleration involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance;…

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No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking

black hole

According to renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, Black Holes do not have Event Horizons. Black Holes, one of the most mysterious objects in the Universe but wait, a new study from Stephen Hawking says that black holes may not possess firewalls destructive belts of radiation that some researchers have proposed would destroy anything that passes through them.…

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What is Brane?

brane, string theory

The visible universe could be a four-dimensional membrane, or brane for short, moving through unseen dimensions. Other branes, or parallel universes may also exist. floating through a fifth dimension that we cannot perceive. Some scientists propose that our would-be universe existed as a brane into which another brane collided in a uniform fashion, generating the…