About Us

What is The Cosmos?

If you will search ‘The Cosmos’ you will probably see the search results about Universe, Space, Astronomy. Clearly explaining to you what is ‘The Cosmos’, the literal meaning of ‘Cosmos’ is everything in this universe which lies outside of our galaxy Milkyway.

Our Motto:

So what we do here is related to the meaning of ‘The Cosmos’.
Our motto is to teach the people about this Universe. The more we know, the more we achieve.
Actually, we love Universe and we are sure that each and every person on this earth must have ever pondered about these few questions: “Why we are here ?”, “For what we are here ?”, “For what Universe is born ?”, “Who lives outside the Universe ?” and “Who is the creator of this Universe? “We are not going to answer these questions here. Many genius scientist and philosophers have already tried for it yet we know almost nothing about this Universe. Today in the twenty-first century, there are very few people who think something about the universe. But there are few. And we are for them only. We publish informative blogs on the topics related to the universe, physics, space, astronomy, cosmology, science, and much more.
From the smallest particles strings to the enormous bodies like black holes, we will cover all these topics.

We provide videos, memes, articles and many more pieces of stuff based on science, astronomy and quantum physics. Along with all these, further, we are planning to expand our topics to Computers and Technology to things related to Music. Like our Facebook page for getting daily updates and information about science and make some use of Facebook by learning through it.